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Guys, we have fourteen thirteen sixteen people who got gypped, including myself. That is quite frankly pathetic, and means we have about a 20% failure rate as it stands.

Some of these are probably delays in international mail, and a few of them might be lost, but some of them appear to just be snubs and people are not responding to my messages about whether or not their assignments have been sent. It's still really sad that over a dozen people worked hard to create holiday gifts for others and got jack shit in return.

If you are seeing this message, and did not send your card, and do not WANT to send your card, PLEASE comment so I can chalk yours up to a loss and try to get someone else to take your assignment. Comments are screened.

Missing Cards Post

Okay, folks.

Didn't get your card? Comment here, and if I have heard from your person about extenuating circumstances, I will let you know. If I haven't, I'll try to get in touch with them.

I'll start - I didn't get my card, nor a heads-up from the person who was assigned to me, which really makes me heartsore as organizing this kind of exchange is difficult and time-consuming. Hopefully there won't be too many more people who are still hanging.

If you've got your card, this is the post for you. :)


I have NOT gotten my card yet! And I can only imagine there are lots and lots of people in the same predicament, as there's only eight measly comments on the received post over here, out of eighty-some participants. So remember:

1. MAIL YOUR CARDS. DO IT. If you are unable to do it, or are planning to do it but haven't gotten around to it, LET ME KNOW so that I can find a pinch-hitter OR let your recipient know that there will be a delay. Don't leave your person hanging.

2. COMMENT on the RECEIVED POST to show off what you got. :)

Weekly Reminder!

Hey folks! Time is running out to get those cards in the mail. If you haven't done yours, either DO IT or let me know so I can ask for a very last-minute pinch hitter.

Remember, if you HAVE received your card, WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT! You can do that in this post, right over here.

Official "Received!" Post

If you've got your card, you can post here to let your sender know, as well as to tell all of us what you got. Anonymous posting is enabled in case your sender wants to give you a nod without revealing him or herself. :)

So tell us: what'd you get? And for those of you who haven't send their cards, get on it, folks!


We've had a person unable to complete their assignment, so would any one of my North American pinch hitters be interested in doing a card from one of the Marauders, so someone doesn't get left out in the cold?

Comments are screened, so you can let me know here if you'd like the job!

Position filled!

Weekly Reminder Post

It's December 7th! Those of you with overseas recipients ought to be dropping your cards in the mail very shortly to ensure their timely arrival.

If you will not be able to complete your assignment, PLEASE let me know so I can look for a pinch hitter in time to do it instead! Comments are screened.


Is everyone hard at work on their missives? Anyone need to drop out? Any problems at all?

Reminder Post

Hey folks! All assignments have been totally sorted by this point, so everyone should be hard at work on their secret missives.

If you need to drop out, haven't gotten your assignment, or have a problem, please let me know ASAP so your recipient isn't left hanging.
The assignment notification emails are starting to go out now. There will be another post when all assignments have been distributed, and at that point you lovely people can let me know if something has gone awry. <3